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Activating the World Bank's Crisis Preparedness Toolkit to Protect Pastoralists in the Horn of Africa

Last June, we had the opportunity to attend a workshop in London, UK, to learn how the 


Global studies have shown that disasters – in general – often affect women harder than men.


In conversation with Barry Maher, Senior Financial Sector Specialist

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Written by Mulder Mkutumula (Scalable Coordinator, Government of Malawi), Evie Calcutt (Financial Sector Specialist, World Bank), Chipo Msowoya (Senior Social Protect

[World Bank Group & World Food Programme - Joint Blog] Combining Efforts with Our Development Partners, We Can Go the Extra Mile

The World Bank Group and the United Nations World Food Programme have an ongoing partnership to strengthen our financial resilience programs for the most vulnerable, incl

How drought insurance and value chains can support Somalia’s livestock economy

Pastoralists rely primarily on livestock for their livelihoods.