Strategic Communications and Visibility Plan

Strategic Communications Plan
This strategy is designed to communicate what is distinctive about the Global Shield Financing Facility (GSFF), explain who we are, what we do, and why it matters. The strategy shares accurate, timely, and current scientific and technical information on financial protection against climate shocks, disasters, and crises with clarity to different audiences through appropriate messengers and communication platforms.

The strategy also includes some trade-offs that GSFF should discontinue or do less of. By making these choices, GSFF’s communication investments will better align with the Organization’s strategic priorities. GSFF’s ability to fulfill its mission and achieve its current objectives relies heavily on using communication effectively to connect with and influence existing and diverse new audiences.

Good communication saves lives. It builds an organization’s value, legitimacy, and impact and is critical to mobilizing resources. GSFF must use communications to address stakeholder needs that are rapidly evolving; competition for resources is stiff, and GSFF must demonstrate value and impact. So, GSFF must powerfully and strategically communicate to reaffirm its unique legitimacy, enhance its reputation, and tell its story.
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